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November 21 2019 - Guest Curator, ‘THE GAZE’ - nonclassical - featuring Jennifer Walshe, Neil Luck, Cecilia Bignall, Phoebe Collings-James, Olivia Norris, Bully Fae Collins, Antonio Brando & Riccardo T. + some of my work too!

The night will celebrate Woman, Non-Binary and Queer Artists, Composers and Performers @ IKLECTIK, London.


Autumn 2019 - Track Release ‘The Embalmer’ on nonclassical.


March 2020 - Commission from CoMA for their Festival of Contemporary Music for All @ Kings Place.


Summer 2020 - Commission from Southbank Sinfonia.


. DJ set @ The Victoria Dalston, London - nonclassical event featuring Joby Burgess and Reylon Sept 2019

. Queens of The Drag, Musicity x Lowline project, in collaboration with The London Architecture Festival (MTBA) @ Old Union Arches June 2019

. I’ll show YOU my G string, performed with Musicity x Lowline project @ Underdog Gallery June 2019

. 2 Performances of MUTED with Ensemble Entropy featuring Loré Lixenberg and Mark Sanders April 2019

Listen! Cambridge + Cafe OTO, London

. Tracksuit Trendy (new performance version), music, video, choreography, with collaborators Olivia Norris & Riccardo T. Feb 2019

+ I'll show you my G string (new performance version), Violin, Voice and collaboration with performance artist Riccardo T.  

@ Centrala, Birmingham, UK

.  Solo, Premiere: I'll show you my G string &, Tracksuit Trendy, Corpora Aliena, IKLECTIK, London, UK              July 2018

. Performance lecture, Young Blood Initiative, Blase House, London UK                                                                  June 2018

. Portrait, diffused electronics track, International Women's Day, Soundling Festival, London UK                           March 2018

. Skein, and other experimental performances, Bow Arts, London, UK                                                                      Feb  2018

. Skein, collaborative experimental performance, Jersey Opera house, Jersey                                                       Jan  2018

. Cnidaria by Mirei Yazawa, Musician, Decoding Sensation, New River Studios, London, UK                                  May  2017

. Innerscape: Phantom Architecture, Verznights #001, Sonic Meditation, Hundred Years Gallery, London              April  2017

. Shadow Sound #1, music and movement, IKLECTIK, London, UK                                                                            April  2017

. MUTED, Composition for Ensemble Entropy, IKLECTIK, London, UK                                                                        March 2017

. Dead Mermaid, Series of Forest and Garden Performances with Anna Gaioti , PAF, St Erme, France                  Aug  2016

. The Noise of Economics, Cello Improvisation for lecture with Inigo Wilkins, PAF, St Erme, France                       June  2016

. VIEL.ES, Composer and Collaborator for Bufo Makmal dance company, Basel, Switzerland                                  May  2016

. Katinka, written for the Distractfold Ensemble, Brunel University, London, UK                                                        May  2016

. Violinist, ***SURPRISE PERFORMANCE*** by Andy Ingamels, Frontiers Festival, Birmingham Conservatoire      March 2016

. Method//Results, Collaboration with Liz Helman, Hundred Years Gallery, London, UK                                           Dec  2015

. SWAY, for three performers preparing to stand, workshop with Tre Vocci ensemble, Brunel University, UK        Nov  2015

. Solo Live Set, Violin, Voice, Electronics, Peckham Pelican, London, UK                                                                  Aug  2015

. The Great Learning by Cornelius Cardew, (voice), The Union Chapel, London, UK                                                July 2015

. VOLUNTEER CHORUS + WIKIFEED, 21:25-21:50 18.7.15 by Jennifer Walshe, (voice), Cafe OTO, London, UK        July  2015

. Measure for Measure, Performance with Barry Callan, Brunel University, London, UK                                          June  2015

. Solo Live gig, Violin, Voice, Electronics, Peckham Pelican, London, UK                                                                  Dec  2014


. REMISE EN BOUCHE, pan y rosas discos, Chicago USA - review by A Closer Listen                                              April 2018


. Group show, HYPERREALITY, Young Blood Initiative, Blase House, London, UK                                                   June  2018

. Landscape, sound piece, Group show, The Engine Room, Morley Gallery, London, UK                                        June  2018

. Prints in group show, [IN]SANE, Young Blood Initiative, London, UK                                                                        Sept  2017

. FINE. The Truman Brewery, Spitalfields, London, UK                                                                                                June  2017

. Installation and Sound Piece, Sound Artists of Morley, Morley College Gallery, London, UK                                  Feb  2016


. NonClassical - Read Here Feb 2019

. IKLECTIK, interviewed by Layla Jane - Read Here Dec 2018

. Resonance FM, hosted by Candy Choi with Hannah Doucet and Valentina Stocco                                                May 2018


. ANTIUNIVERSITY: ‘Where is the Voice coming From? Reimagining the Gendered AI Bot through a Feminist Lens’.

With researcher Cristina Coshior, for Young Blood Initiative and Anti University, at Blase House, London, Uk      June 2018

. Audio-visual Art tour, and discussions on process, BA Music, Brunel University, UK                                              Dec  2017

. Innerscape: Phantom Architecture, workshop at PAF, St Erme, France                                                                   Sept  2017


. Sound and Movement Composition for the Home, Tickled, Synzine publishing                                                      April  2017