i’ll show you my G string

performed @ POST PARADISE - FEBRUARY 22ND 2019

Composer - Lola de la Mata

Violin & Voice - Lola de la Mata

Costumes - Lola de la Mata

Performer - Riccardo T.

I’ll show You my G string is a protest piece - celebrating fierce female & queerness. 

Too many times I showed up to perform at a live venue run by men as the only woman on the set list, only to be showered with misogynist language and unwanted advances. On one occasion an older man cornered me before I had even done my soundcheck and laughed as he said: “You gonna show us your G string tonight luv?”. Following this the sound-guy introduced himself as “I’m not a misogynist or anything” and continued to mock my choice of microphone, cables, how I EQ, and even for calling Ableton Ableton instead of his preferred ‘LIVE’. I am more than capable of standing up for myself, but when the sound-guy starts to UNPLUG my set up and refuses to raise the volume on the Master and says “look - no sound”, I was bullied into packing up and leaving.

SO to all the dickhead sound guys out there - I’ll show YOU my G string!

Composition for G string on the Violin, with Voice, red cape, ‘naughty’ stool. In collaboration with performance artist Riccardo T. wearing a nude thong, thigh high nude heeled boots, and a tail / whip made with horsehair from my bow.