Parallel Praxis seeks to support and develop process and individual practice, to provide a wider network, and promote collaboration within a diverse group holding 50/50 gender balance at its core.

The group is composed of 15 emerging artists, who challenge the boundaries and cross pollinate between printmaking, musical composition, publishing, coding, dance, sculpture, queer performance, glass art, permaculture, choreography, poetic and theatrical writing, and activism.

We currently meet once a month in different spaces across London (so far: The Place, South Kiosk, my living room, kew gardens, my garden) to share our practices, and run short workshops for each other.


+ London based artist/composer Lola de la Mata curated with the idea of forming a cross disciplinary group. Lola approached 8 artists from different networks, that she encountered at exhibitions, performances, and while conducting research on the relationship between the creator of work (composers/choreographers) and the performer. 

+ The 8 artists were then invited to put forward another artist they felt would engage with the group manifesto, while Lola wrote an open call through the arts council website and twitter.

+ As Lola formed the group, discussions arose around the challenges the ‘female artist’ experiences in creative fields. Wishing to be an inclusive group, and to compliment the broad spectrum of practices found amongst our artists, it was essential for us to have a balance in gender, and diversity in sexuality. Our ratio is 10 Women, 7 Men.



+ A creative individual who is proactive in a scene they feel is best suited to them, pushes the boundaries of said ‘scene’, and has defined their practice by creating a body of work. Is driven, proactive, considers the culture around them and promotes or exhibits their work in a public domain.


+ Everyone in the group has an equal voice. Everyone in the group curates. 

+ We exchange skills and support each other to push our practices, through our internal monthly workshops, where experimentation is encouraged and failure is just another part of the process. 

+ The peer to peer exchange allows each artist to have an audience, participants and a platform to test out work in progress.

+ For those who cannot attend physically, we have been using online platforms to connect with them in real time.

+ We share resources through Google drive: Links to recordings, follow up notes on each session, references/links and ideas for future workshops.

some of OUR Artists

> Cristina Cochior | Researcher - Graphic Designer |

> Cosima C Cobley Carr |

> Chloe Laurence | Printmaker |

> Celina Liesegang | Artist - Choreographer - Singer |

> Maria Lothe | Dance Artist - Yoga Instructor | 

> Phil Maguire | Experimental Musician - Improviser - Sound Artist |

> Lola de la Mata | Sound Artist - Visual Artist |

> Olivia Norris | Dancer - Visual Artist |

> Fenella Osborne | Glass Artist |

> Kate Smith | Singer - Musician - Producer |

> Richard Stenton | Composer - Publisher |

> Riccardo Tarocco + Antonio Branco | Performance Artists |

> Rosie Terry Toogood | Dancer - Choreographer |

> Tobias Wright | Writer and Director |

If you are interested in joining us, please email Lola de la Mata at: