Written for and Performed by Tre Voci Cello Ensemble, November 2015
at Brunel University.

Sway explores the proximity between two bodies, that of the performer and the cello. As one activates the other, they fall into a dance.
A play on domination- the two bodies shift with ease between the acting driving force and relinquishing control. Acting as choreographic indications for the performer’s body, the movement score takes chladni patterns from the cello range and repurposes them to open, lift and compress the torso. These lead to the activation of new vibrations propagating throughout the body of the cello, pushing through the F hole to merge with the already sounding waves released by the other activated wooden bodies.
The piece ends with the cello being released from the clutches of the dance and returned to its primary state. The performer changes plane, drawing away from the previously occupied space whipping the air, splicing through the weighted dense texture of sound.