"THE ENGINE ROOM presents: Sound Artists from Morley" 4-18 February 2016.

Insufflate - Suffolcate , sonic composition/graphic score, 2016

Observing bodies as they walked up and down corridors, I began to notice how people would hold their breath when passing by one another. The whole of the body would tense up and take a little while to release, and a while longer to recover the lost breath.
Wanting to capture the experience of moving through such shared spaces, the anxious struggle became the focus of the work, expressed as an abstract score and animated through a sonic composition.

play - silence - action, installation: mirrors, projector, 2016

play a silent action
           action a played silence    
                       silence a playing action

This self replenishing thread of text- described by a friend as “rather oblique”, offers us the freedom of abstaining from performing it at all if we so choose.

Present in mind, absent in body- the physical body is caught in stillness while silently gazing into the reflective surface of the mirrors, as the text becomes a mental game. One where the senses are activated through an internal visualisation of the animated body, straining to achieve the commands outlined by the text score.